Do Not Take The Black Pill

Dear Reader Today, I watched YouTube videos on incels. I was reminded how relatable the bitter foundation of inceldom is. The Red Pill is Universal When it comes to dating and relationships, every man and woman chews on the red pill sometimes. I often feel cursed that I am only 5’6″ and stumpy. I knowContinue reading “Do Not Take The Black Pill”

Is Metal Music Bad for Mental Health?

Dear Reader It is 11:38 am on 23 April 2021. It is a classic cold and sunny spring morning here in the UK. Today, I am feeling positive about the future because I think the Covid pandemic is getting closer to being fully contained and I have hope (for now) that by the end ofContinue reading “Is Metal Music Bad for Mental Health?”

“Bipolar Disorder Can Ruin You”

Good Afternoon, its 12:45 on Sunday 7th February. I’m staring out the window into the middle distance. It is snowing, but I am not a child so it is not so fun anymore. I only feel sad and cold. “*Aw, it’s snowing outside, my feet are cold, *sigh” “What shall I do today? Maybe IContinue reading ““Bipolar Disorder Can Ruin You””